Synthetic Epistemology

Recap: MITM Week 2

Sleeving into Silicon

The sentinels who stayed home from the mission due to various conflicts got a call from a proxy. An orbital strike had been called in to deal with MITM, but exact details for why the strike was necessary weren’t accessible via the Eye. The proxy wanted to stop the potential threat to Mars represented by an asteroid impact on the surface.

Caroline and Natasha met the proxy at a coffee bar on campus. He introduced himself as Jake Carter, and had brought a Morningstar negotiator named Sila Uh to help. Jake had access to a long-planned insertion plan. Jake showed the three sentinels a series of synthetic morphs, to be infiltrated into the campus dome as a grocery delivery. Once inside, the cargo destination would be rerouted, in this case as luggage for those who already infiltrated the dome.

Initially offput by the thought of sleeving into a synth and the ensuing difficulty that could cause her, Caroline asked Jake to find a brain-in-a-box equipped synth. Jake managed to call in a favor from a friend, and got a brain-equipped mimic in a hurry. Sila sleeved into a regular mimic, Caroline sleeved into her bio-mimic, and Natasha sleeved into a fighter flexbot. Jake revealed his own synth, a skulker swarmanoid. They gathered some espionage gear, loaded themselves into a cargo container, and had themselves shipped into campus. They were delivered to ACI-001, Seraphy’s, and Eogene’s room about the time when the first day’s plenaries ended.

Notably, though, those plenaries were accelerated. For whatever reason, MITM decided to shorten the talk times at the last minute, to open up the last day for a day of MITM talks about exotic matter. Apparently they have made significant enough progress with exotic matter to host a whole day of talks on the results before the closing banquet.


Silvarus Silvarus

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