Synthetic Epistemology

Recap: MITM Week 4

Getting Out!

The cell opened the door to the storage room, and went inside to retrieve a sample. Something triggered Caroline’s async powers, and after probing the disturbance, Marvinus Ars Satorum materialized through what appeared to be a spatial rift. The MITM provost encouraged the cell to take a sample, which they did. The cell decided to take Satorum’s cortical stack, and Caroline fired her pistol straight at Marvinus’ head. Aphrodite ran for the exit with the sample while Caroline and the jammed bot took on Marvinus. Azazeal helped Aphrodite craft her escape disguise, while hardwired security dealt with the bot and Caroline. Natalia tried to escape via the monorail using a chameleon cloak, but due to the crowds on the monorail, her morph was detected. She shot up the visible security guard, but when the blast doors trapping her morph didn’t open, she decided to off herself instead. Azazael escaped by taking the monorail, using some excuse about needing to go home. The sample was returned succesfully to Eye_Of_Fire, but surprisingly, the next day, all of the scientific data MITM apparently had about exotic matter apparently made it onto the Martian mesh as a series of press releases. It seems like the data will soon be synced to the system-wide mesh.


Silvarus Silvarus

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