Synthetic Epistemology

Week 1

Sleepy Students

Eye_of_Fire sent you a coded message informing the cell that a new drug craze was sweeping the seedier parts of the campus community. Normally this wouldn’t be a Firewall-relevant event. However, 2 qualities of the drug make it a potential X-Risk: 1) it effects biologicals and synthetic users, something common drugs almost never do; 2) a small but non-negligible percentage of users are lost to comas from which there is no fast cure, even with an ego bridge.

The cell located one of the comatose patients, and connected the patient to an ego bridge. The ego showed signs of heavy tampering, which the cell brute-forced apart. Whatever was currently trapping the ego apparently didn’t take kindly to the interference, and the resultant fragment of ego was little better than a gamma fork. CAT ran a scan of the trapping routines, and had to reboot after activating some booby-trap hidden in the code. The AGI seems to have managed to clear out the offending software with a reboot.


Silvarus bbarber

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