Synthetic Epistemology

Welcome to the stars!

Things to know ahead of time

First Session

Feb 13th, 2016


Check this


Ben’s place! (Near the Stony Dorms)

House Rules
We play by the most recent edition
1) Initiative is d10+(Int+Ref)/5.
2) Rolling equal to the target number is a success.
3) Opposed rolls requiring a resolution are won by the highest margin of success.

4) Margin of success is equal to the dice roll when the roll succeeds. Margin of failure is roll-target.
5) Hacking is a task action taking 10 minutes. That 10 minutes is broken up into 2 checks, one representing progress at 50% completion, the second representing progress at 100% completion. If the first check fails, the attempt fails without notifying the targeted system, and the attempt must be restarted. The second task is an opposed test against any active defenses. A system without active defenses counts as a defender who failed. The outcomes proceed as outlined in the hacking opposed test table. If both opponents fail, rerolls are made once a round (full initiative count). The rerolls cannot be sped up by higher speed, though the initial task action can. Once inside the system, all infosec checks are made as mental actions, assumed to be immediate actions, unless the core book specifies otherwise.


Silvarus Silvarus

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