Synthetic Epistemology

The TITANs rise to power was unexpected. Expert system AIs and more general AGIs had been used for years without major incident. Occasional instances of spontaneous automated systems going rogue and pursuing their own ends had been put down without a second thought nor much investigation. So when the TITANs decided to begin their takeover of earth, transhumanity was vastly unprepared for it, and Earth fell.

But, the dandelion head that was the human species and their achievements had already spread its seeds to the wider solar system. Thus, the TITANs only partially succeeded in their apparent goals. In the decade since, those who survived have rebuilt society in their image. The hypercorps of Mars seek to spread the joys of capitalism to the stars, while the elites of Luna mourn their lost homeworld. The Jovian Republic turns to the past to prevent the errors of the future, while the argonauts and autonomists of the outer system pursue their own post-scarcity vision of an open society.

Firewall tries to transcend those political and economic differences, to save transhumanity from itself. Despite the recent apocalypse, researchers still push the boundaries of biology, technology, and physicality. They have even gone so far as to explore the Pandora Gates that the TITANs left in their wake. Existential risks are everywhere, a pitfall waiting for the unwitting pawn. Plagues left by the TITANs, alien biologies, and the sheer emptiness of the Dark all threaten to maim the body and crush the soul of what is left of the species. Firewall is the vanguard, watching the borders, trying to negate each risk before it truly becomes a threat. So far, they’ve succeeded.

You were recently accepted as a sentinel, one of Firewall’s investigators. You are now on eternal call, waiting for the message to call you out into the field. You are the last bastion between the grave and the species. Can you survive the dark?

Synthetic Epistemology

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