Synthetic Epistemology

Arc 2 Week 1

Let's go to MIT!

The party has been tasked by Firewall to steal some exotic matter under development at MIT-Mars.

Apparently, MITM has been investigating the human potential to create and utilize exotic matter, of the sort that makes up a Pandora Gate. Patterns within the data flows the crows have access to suggest that MITM has had success at generating significant quantities of exotic matter, and might be close to figuring out how to work with it. This would potentially allow humanity to construct their own Pandora gates. This could be wonderful, providing instantaneous links between the human worlds. It could also be terrible, providing a potential point of entry for any exhumans or alien influences with access to the Pandora gate network.

Firewall needs a sample of the stuff for their own study. You don’t need to know why, all you need to know is that you are the proxies chosen for this mission. Given the relatively security-conscious nature of access to MITM, Firewall has provided forged credentials for an upcoming soft condensed-matter physics conference. The credentials will be enough to get you into the dome of MITM, while providing a buffer between you and your daily identity. You have received clearance to attend as yourself, if your academic interests lie sufficiently close to the conference topic.

in further support for how well developed this line of research is at MITM, the conference has its closing banquet scheduled to be held in the condensed matter laboratory’s visitors’ wing. While this will get you through any exterior physical barriers presented by the building’s security, Firewall would prefer you attempt penetration of the specific laboratory at an alternative time, given the likelihood for increased physical security during the banquet.

Firewall has 5 available identities. Only 2 are martian. The other 3 are off-worlders, and ego-casting has been arranged so your broadcast is incident from the correct line of site. Martian identities can bring their own morph, while off-worlders must choose from an unaugmented loaner morph. See below to check what morphs are available, and plan accordingly.

MITM Public Morphs

Note: These morphs have had their custom affinity pre-selected by the Institute for optimal conference benefit.

  • Bouncer (+5 Cog)
  • Exalt (+5 Int, +5 Sav, +5 Wil)
  • Flying Squid (+5 Cog)
  • Grey (+5 Sav)
  • Martian Alpiner
  • Menton (+5 Sav)
  • Ruster (+5 Cog)
  • Savant (+5 Wil)
  • Steel Morph (+5 Int)
  • Synth (+5 Cog)
  • Takko


Silvarus Silvarus

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