Synthetic Epistemology

Recap: MITM Week 1

Unexpected Allies

The team prepped for their infiltration of MITM. They attempted to hack into MITM’s servers, but got little information before the connection was backtracked and attempted to be breeched.

The team spent the rest of the prep time working to design a plasma-equipped missile launcher blueprint, gather as much soft intel on the campus as possible, and coming up with general ideas.

They finally approached MITM, and managed to sneak in several submachine guns inside ACI-001. Seraphy lost her blades and covert tools to security checks. Once inside, the team maintained contact via a tacnet, and ended up meeting another Firewall sentinel. However, during that night, the new sentinel was apparently kidnapped by MITM. Seraphy reshaped her skin to resemble a guard she’d seduced the day before, and knocked him out and assumed his identity. She managed to leave Union Tower and infiltrate the exotic matter lab as the guard, but dropped out of the tacnet at roughly the time of infiltration. While Seraphy was out infiltrating the lab, the guard’s stack was popped and resleeved in a spare, to be interrogated. After being promised a new morph, the guard quickly spilled the beans, including his lack of access authority to the exotic matter lab. The remaining members of the team decided to attend the conference as the attendees they are posing as.


Silvarus Silvarus

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